Initiation...How I began my journey back to the Sacred Feminine Mysteries....

Tirra Omilade, Priestess of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries, Iyalorisha of Yemoja

I remember the day that I spoke with Iya Osunnike about beginning my initiation into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries. I had just had my second son and was coming down off a high of being very psychic during my pregnancy and having natural unassisted childbirth.

You know pregnancy has a way of keeping your mind occupied. So in the weeks after beginning my life as mother to two children, I felt pretty lost and did not know where I should go next.

"I get the sense that you feel like, "Now what?" Iya said to me. I told her that she was exactly right. "I have a process that I think is for you. If you like, I will send you more information and you can tell me what you think," she said. I told her to send me the information and I waited in anticipation for it.

Truly, I was at a point where I needed direction. I knew that spiritually I had begun a path that seemed foreign and yet so familiar but I was not willing to move forward or lacked understanding of where to go next. What I wanted most was structure and a goal to work toward.

When I read the information about the initiation and how it was to unfold it sounded so wonderful! It was a process that would unfold in three parts. I was to spend time in each part getting to know myself, cleansing and purifying on many levels and healing in order to walk as a whole being again.

All of this was to happen within the framework of Goddess wisdom.

I have always been what I term "womanish". I have always had an affinity for advocating for women's rights and wanted to do work where women would benefit in some way. This process that emphasized the wisdom of the Divine Feminine was definitely in alignment with my interests in women's issues. But more than anything, I needed my spirituality to include a greater understanding of the Divine Feminine.

So after a lot of deep thought and soul searching, I decided that to not do this initiation would be insane.

And so began my journey back into the Sarced Feminine Mysteries. The longer I remain in this process, the more I realize that what I am doing is REMEMBERING. For so long I have thought there was so much for me to learn and now I am more convinced that there is so much for me to remember.

My truth is that I have danced this dance called life many times. When I came back as Tyra Olufemi, I made sure to plant deep within my essence ALL of the lessons that I have learned throughout many lifetimes.

And so it is here in this web sanactuary dedicated to the Goddess, The Great Mother, The Divine Feminine in all the names that she is called that I share the wisdom that has come and continues to come to me.

My initiation culminated with a fabulous ceremony on November 19, 2006. It was exactly three years after the date that I first began the initiation. I am now a priestess and learning more and more everyday what it means to be a priestess. But the lessons do not stop coming...the remembrance does not stop unfolding.

Please indulge in the wisdom of the Goddess and use it to create a life where you dance this dance called life but you do it with grace and ease....

Initiation...Find out what I learned about who the Goddess is!