Intuitive Eating: Follow your Inner Guidance to the Weight and Health You Desire!

There is a divine intelligence within each of us. It runs our autonomic systems ensuring that our heart beats, lungs breathe and food digests without our having to think about it. All of this happens without our conscious participation.

This divine intelligence is called by many names including Ausar, Ganesha, Ori, Holy Spirit, Higher Self and Inner Guidance. I learned from Ra Un Nefer Amen in the Metu Neter that this Divine Intelligence within desires that we move it from the background to the foreground our lives.

If it can run our bodies like the well oiled machines that they were designed to be, then just think of what this energy will do if we allow it to be the guiding force of our life.

This morning I was in the kitchen thinking about how my views of eating have evolved over the last couple of years. There was a point when I thought that vegetarianism was THE way for everyone. Then I began to realize that it is not, that there are a lot of people who are vegetarian and sicker than ever.

I remember when I was led to reintroduce fish into my diet. I was pregnant and knew that I had to eat that fish because my body was craving it so badly. After my son was born, I still felt led to eat fish and poultry. I could not believe that I, the vegetarian extrodinaire, felt like I would go crazy if I did not eat fish and poultry.

But when I got real with myself, I knew that I was one of the most unhealthy vegetarians that I knew and that my life and health depended on my eating concentrated sources of complete protein on a regular basis.

I happily abandoned vegetarianism and began to eat all kinds of fish and chicken.

A few years later I began to hear the voice of my inner guidance. It told me that I was to leave fish and chicken alone. I knew there was something to that message because I was experiencing more and more indigestion when I ate meat.

So with that I stopped eating fish and chicken and went back to being a vegetarian.

There was more than one reason for me to change my diet. So much of the spiritual work that I do hinges on me eating a certain way and my spiritual guides knew that I needed a lighter energetic body to do this work.

This experience of switching from a diet with meat to one without and back again and again has lead me to do a lot of soul searching. I have believed in vegetarianism as the optimal way to eat for so long that it was almost traumatic for me to see my son begin to eat meat.

When he was two I told everyone that he could eat fish and poultry because my mother-in-law had been sneaking that and more to him when he visited her. But what I noticed is that the chronic nose bleeds that he had struggled with for about a year ceased to exist. I could only attribute that cessation to the introduction of fish and chicken into his diet.

The other blessing that has happened to me is my food addiction: obssessive overeating. In seeking to heal this issue I began to realize that one of my problems was my inability to connect with body's signals to stop eating when it was full and to eat certain foods that it needs for healing and maintainance purposes.

I remember having to sit down and listen, really listen and FEEEEEL what my body was telling me that it needed. It was a neat experience to feel and hear that voice within me emerge to let me know when enough was enough.

For years I watched people who did not overeat. They would say, "I am not hungry right now so I will pass on the offer of food." or they would say, "I only need a small amount of food," and they would eat it and stop.

It was something that I really did not understand because my food addiction prevented me from hearing that inner wisdom that knows exactly what I need and how much.

Another major event that occured is I began my journey into the raw food lifestyle. That was truly the experience that helped me to realize that how people eat must be guided and directed by their inner wisdom.

Truly I was led to eat all raw foods. I don't think that there has been anything more difficult than doing so. Exclusively eating raw caused me to live in an entirely different universe from other people in so many ways. It was a magical experience that I feel occured because ultimately my higher guidance, my inner wisdom is calling me to eat raw 100% of the time eventually.

But what was also very telling for me is how raw foodist tend to think the same way I used to think about vegetarianism. Most believe absolutely that cooked food should not be eaten. I remember feeling so judged. I remember analyzing the judgment that I have issued regarding people's choices to eat.

All of this change in my diet occured within the span of about 24 months. By the end of that time I realized that truly what we need to help people do is NOT pick out the "perfect", most politically correct diet that confers the highest health.

What we need to do is to help people tap into their inner wisdom, trust it and follow the guidance given. It is my complete belief that when we allow the Divine Intelligence to lead, guide and direct us, we will choose ways of eating that benefit the whole. We will only eat our fair share. We will eat foods that don't wreak havoc on our Earth Mother.

If we eat meat, it will only be from animals that are raised with reverence and in a humane way. We will kill them in a way that is gentle and will give honor to these animals for sacrificing their lives so that we may have food to eat.

What I came to learn is that for so many of us we have no idea what we should eat. Certain foods and ways of eating prevent us from hearing that inner guidance.

The message that came to me loudly and strongly is that more than anything we need to move the Divine Intelligence that so beautifully and effortlessly keeps us alive and makes our bodies operate despite what we put into it...we need to move this guiding force to the foreground of our lives and follow its lead on what to eat and how to eat.

This requires meditation and it requires eliminating certain foods that prevent us from hearing that guidance, especially sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup and MSG (monosodium glutamate). These substances very effectively prevent the connection to our Divine Intelligence.

Another important piece is to avoid fear and its various manifestations that lead us to eat without thinking. I call this emotional eating and this type of eating is also highly effective in preventing us from hearing the voice of wisdom within.

So I have submitted to the Divine Intelligence within me regarding what my body needs. Doing so frees me from the need to figure out what diet is best for me or anyone else in the world.

I feel compelled to follow this higher wisdom because for the first time I can see how I have chosen food over my greater connection to the Great Mother.

I am at a place right now where I am so desperate, so desirous of my realtionship with the Great Mother becoming fuller that I am willing to give up the delicasies that I have enjoyed for so long.

My new delicacy is my relationship with the Great Mother. My new addiction is becoming the best person that I can be.

As I seek to move the Divine Universal Intelligence, Ausar, from the background of my life to the foreground, I am willing to give up whatever hinderance has prevented me from doing so in the past.

This time of fasting is a great time for all of us to take a break from our normal way of eating and to listen to our inner guidance regarding how we can improve our health and life in general.

I encourage you to consider the voice within you and the possibility that all that you need regarding what you eat lies within you...if you will allow it.

This piece is dedicated to anyone who has struggled with eating issues be it over- or undereating. I want everyone to know that the power within you will show you the way to optimal health and vibrancy.

Soon I will write more regarding some of the tools that I have been guided to use to assist me with reconnecting to the voice within regarding eating.

Until then, Namaste.

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