What is my DMO?


Something that has been coming up for many of the women that I have spoken to over the last few months is the need for having a regular spiritual practice in place. It seems to me that for most people challenges tend to arise more frequently and intensely when there is no time set aside on a daily basis to nurture the soul.

Since moving toward this goal to fulfill my dream as an entrepreneur, I continue to hear from those who have attained success that having a daily method of operation (DMO) is key to meeting goals.

So I have been noticing my DMO. I shutter. For the most part I have none. Don't get me wrong. I have a DMO that assists me in maintaining my home and tending to my children. I have even created a way of operating that leads me to the YMCA to workout regularly.

But to create the success that I desire in all things...nope! I need to tweak the way I am living on a day to day basis.

I am realizing that I need to be way more purposeful in how I go about doing things. For some reason I am wondering how in the heck I have gotten in this place. I feel as if I am free-floating most of my day. Has this come as a result of me being a stay-at-home mother? Or have I always operated like this?

As I contemplate my seeming lack of direction during the day, I now wonder about a book that I heard about a while ago but never read: What Makes the Great Great by Dennis P. Kimbro. I could just kick myself because I have had this book for years. Even heard the author speak in person but I guess I wasn't ready at the time.

But what I have learned in the last 2 weeks is that those who are most successful rarely have any supernatural powers that the rest of us don't have. They simply act from a place of belief and faith and move forward despite the fear or seeming obstacles they may face.

It seems that their daily method of operation is one that is purposeful and in alignment with their vision. When I think of it that way, then I am not so overwhelmed by what I need to do.

I simply need to bring my daily actions, thoughts and feelings in alignment with my goal. Therein lies success.

Okay...I am yet again so excited at the possibilities that lie ahead even though so much in me is telling me that I am insane and should play it safe. But if I get nothing else from this experience, it is the new knowledge that having a Daily Method of Operation guided by a higher purpose is key to living a truly successful life.

ASHE! (And So It Is!)

Energy Surrounding this blog entry: Maat +, Seker Hetep

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