Moving beyond lack and limitation into wealth through action....


So I am thrilled right now! I have finally gotten it! I never fully understood what a wealth building mindset was. I never understood how to create wealth in a way in which everyone benefited. So much has been coming together for me here lately.

For instance, I am big into the law of attraction, realizing that this law is the goddess energy that I most identify with: Osun. Here lately I have been feeling the energy of Osun surrounding me. I have felt Her moving through me.

I have heard my Godmother describe Osun's energy as delicious and undulating. I remember thinking, "That is a different way of describing it." But I now understand.

Over these last few weeks I have been feeling VERY connected with this energy of the Great Mother to say the least.

Truly, I have been seeking to get clear about my purpose. I have always felt drawn to being an entrepreneur. I have always felt that one of my purposes is to build wealth and help others to do the same. But primarily I have seen myself as a wanna-be-get-rich-girl....lots of talk with little action.

What has happened is that for this first 37 years of my life I have been gathering information and having lots of experiences to prepare me for this moment. I have had many failures and I have learned lots of invaluable information.

Slowly but surely a couple of steps have been lit before me which have helped me to baby step my way to a strong foundation.

Over the last year I have been clear that I am the creator of my reality. I have accepted responsibility for all that I find in my life-the good and the bad. And because I now accept that I have what I have because I am creating all of it with my thoughts and feelings, I now accept that I have the ability to change it.

I decided a year ago that I wanted to use the law of attraction to create wealth. I am clear that wealth in my body, mind and spirit come first. I am also clear that I do want to live a life that involves massive financial wealth. I decided to believe that wealth was something that anyone who desired it could have.

For me it is not just about having lots of money to buy lots of stuff. I live in a tiny house and have come to learn that lots of stuff can mess up my energetic space and is *so* not needed.

But for me now this wealth building is about helping me to move beyond the belief in lack and limitation. It is about helping me to break free of the thought that wealth is only for certain people, working certain jobs, living in certain neighborhoods.

For the first time I truly feel that this new wealth, success and abundance mindset that I have come into is a clear directive from Osun Herself. Osun is guiding me to a place where I feel no limitations. Where all of the false beliefs that I have held about myself for so long are being shot down one by one as I move forward and add the final piece to how the law of attraction works: ACTION!

I ain't gonna achieve ANY goal, succeed at anything if I don't DO something. Over the last three years I have found myself involved less and less in watching television, talking on the phone and recently, needlessly using the computer.

I have found that I desire to do things that will assist me in stepping into my full potential.

One quality after another has been rising up for me to either grow more or to more fully utilize it. Iwa Pele is what it was named by my Yoruba ancestors...good character.

And it is all of this studying and communing with the Great Mother, allowing Her to birth me time and time again...allowing Her to nurture me when I felt so empty and so lost... allowing Her to strip away anything that was holding me back from my full is all of my connecting with the Divine Feminine energy that has helped this new consciousness begin to emerge.

Yeah...this wealth mindset feels so good. I have never felt so good so wholly and completely.

I look forward to the additional lessons that are to be learned on this path that I am on. I look forward to hearing more about how others are stepping into their mindset of abundance and prosperity that we all so desperately seek without realizing that wealth is all around us at all times and is ours for the taking if we would only see it.


Energy Surrounding this blog entry: Maat +, Seker Hetep

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