The Sacred Dance!

Round and round we dance....swirling colors...I see pink, blue, purple, orange and yellow.... We dance the sacred dance knowing but not knowing.

You see I forgot. I forgot that we agreed to come here to dance this dance with one another. I thought you were you and I was me.

There have been good times and times that felt really bad. There have been times when I have been so hurt by you...its funny but I really thought that you hurt me. I thought this not realizing that this is a dance! One you and I agreed upon long ago.

Round and round and round we dance. Swirling. I go in the air then you go. We are the wind dancing this sacred dance together.

One day I found this thing called radical forgiveness. I found it before I even knew what it was called. I learned about Osun's mirror and began to realize that the hurt that I thought you inflicted upon me was really a reflection of my needing to heal lies and untruths that I had picked up along the way.

So I asked Osun to show me my own reflection in Her mirror. I asked her to show me what it was that I needed to heal, needed to change, needed to see so that I could stand fully as the Goddess that I began to remember that I am.

When I looked, I saw behind you and behind me this sacred dance. Yep, it was me and you! Dancing a beautiful dance in the form of a relationship. There have been so many of these dances in my life: parent-child, husband-wife, friend, co-worker, a checker at the grocery store. Sometimes the dances have been slow and sometimes they have been fast. Sometimes they are chaotic and other times we flow like Osun's river.

Often times I see Oya's whirlwind coming through. Over and under, back and forth and round and round we go. It is such a beautiful dance.

I see it now! There I stand fully embodying the energy of the Goddess. Osunnike told me that the Divinities said that love is to be my language.

So even though my physical eyes see you as iritating, rude and out to get me. When I stand as my Goddess self and see this dance through my spiritual eyes, my heart chakra opens and out comes the beautiful blue healing light of The Great Mother....this blue rides on a wave and envelopes you and swirls around you so that you can feel the Love of this sacred dance, too.

I see green and purple and red and orange and yellow all come out again as we continue this sacred dance only this time I KNOW what is going on. No matter what our physical experiences with one another, I now see the sacred dance, too.

And you know what this does for me? It lets me know the perfection in our relationship. Instead of me trying to change you, I will just dance with you.

Around and around we go. Up and down. Back and forth. Me and you enraptured in this sacred dance called love. Not superficial, ego-centered love. But pure love which is found in the Goddess, the Creatrix of us all.

Round and round we go. Swirling. Twirling. We dance this perfect dance. And as I think about all the years that I thought so much was wrong with us, I now give thanks that you have assisted me in my healing and I in yours.

Round and round we go....swirling. Twirling. Emeshed as Oneness in the beautiful colors: blue, green, purple, red, yellow and orange. You and I dancing this sacred dance.

Original Piece Written by Tirra Olufemi Hargrow 6/2/07

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