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In November 2005 I decided that I needed something different in my life. I was at a place where I was very overweight and felt completely controlled by food. More than that I felt a hole inside of me...a void.

I had never been successful at fasting and did not believe that I would ever catch that fasting fever that so many people I knew had. My husband and several friends could fast seemingly at the drop of the hat.

I was always so amazed by the clarity that they received and how healthy they looked as a result of the fast.

So in December 2004 I embarked on a fast. It was the first time that I felt a strong inner drive to fast. A few weeks before the fast I had been considering using this spiritual tool.

But because of my addiction to food, I was so unsure. Plus, I did not want to start and fail.

Then one morning I watched Paula Jones, a popular televangalist, talking about the benefits of fasting. I don't remember exactly what she said but her words moved me. I remember wondering if the Ancient Mothers were speaking through this woman.

Then Paula said, "Are you looking for a break through? Then you need to fast. Fast to get your break through."

She had me ready and hooked at that point. Truly I needed some answers because I was tired of being depressed and fat and sad about my life that was really great.

I told my husband and two of my closest sister-friends that I was fasting because I wanted their support. I don't really remember what type of fast I did but I will say that I felt hunger, which is strange feeling to a food addict.

This fast was really a struggle because I no longer had my drug of choice. But what it did for me was help me to realize that I really was choosing to overeat, that hunger can actually feel good and that not having my drug of choice AND experiencing hunger at the same time helped me to hear the voice of the Great Mother and my own inner Goddess with amazing clarity.

Since then I have slowly but surely grown in using this spiritual tool. I now cannot imagine life without fasting. For the last couple of years I have been led to invite any interested parties into fasting with me during the time leading up to each change of season.

Why Fast?

There are so many reasons to fast. Some people fast to give their bodies a break from food and to cleanse and purify their body temple.

Others fast for spiritual reasons. There is something about fasting that gives a person such spiritual clarity. This type of fasting is truly powerful.

One time that is optimal for fasting is during the waning moon cycle if you seek to release something during your fast. Also, fasting during your moon (menstrual) flow is a great time to eat lighter and go into a quiet space.

Many fast on their personal holy day. Your personal holy day is the day of the week on which you were born. So if you were born on a Wednesday, then every Wednesday is sacred day for you.

There are many spiritual practices in which you can engage of which fasting is one. Doing so brings you further in alignment with your highest purpose and can assist you in releasing limiting behaviors and thoughts.

The list goes on and on but the main reasons people fast are to cleanse the body and the spirit.

Fasting with a twist....

The fasts here at Goddess-Body-Mind-Spirit.com encourage each participant to consider fasting from food, be it one type of food, or to do deep physical cleanse.

However, I have learned that these fast sometimes have nothing to do with food. In the past I have fasted from negative emotions, watching television, talking on the phone and fear.

Fasts are not always about food. What matters most is that cutting something out of lives leads us to a freer and more peaceful place.

Join me!

Each Season Change, I invite others to fast with me. Each season represents an aspect of the Goddess and fasting helps us to align ourselves with that energy and to maximize that particular energy.

So for instance, Fall is the Season of the Goddess of Transformation. Fasting leading up to and including the first day of Fall allows us to consider radical changes that we need to make and also allows us to release toxic emotions and behaviors that have kept us from achieving our New Year's goals.

I invite you to join me in the latest fast. I provide a spiritual reading for each fast to help each participant understand what energies govern each fast and what areas to focus on.

You fast in your own way. You can participate for 21 days or not. One person may refrain from just one certain type of food while another may eat only raw foods for this time.

This fast is totally up to you so search your heart and soul to determine how it will look.

I often encourage people try and make sure they include the 2-3 days leading up to and including the first day of the new season.

I have grown to love fasting because it is a time of respite and I usually have to slow down.

I encourage you to join me! Connect with the Goddess within you through fasting!

Energy Surrounding This Information: Auset+, Heru+

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