There Is Power in Clearing Your Emotional Body!

Clear the Emotional Body?

There are many levels to who you are as a spiritual being.Your body is the part of yourself that seems most real.Often times when we desire to affect change in our lives, wefocus on altering the physical body and spend little timehealing our mental, emotional or spiritual bodies.

The truth of the matter is that healing and change take place from the inside out. Because the energy flows fromthe inner self to the outer self, then it is necessary to look at your these parts of yourself to determine what ismanifesting or soon to manifest in the physical.

The emotional body is one of the primary places that we canwork on clearing in order to improve our overall state ofwell-being.

Essentially, the emotional body is energetic in nature and isa layer outside your physical body. If the emotional body isclear, then we are not storing our emotions there. Instead, weare experiencing them releasing these feelings, moving forwardand staying in the present moment.

However, there are many people who experience emotional painand trauma. These negative-feeling emotions are stored in their emotional bodies primarily to help them avoid experiencingthe same trauma.

These emotions may also be stored in the emotional body becausethere has been no healing work in order to help the personrelease them. Many people have these hurtful feelings storedin their emotional bodies but do not have any remembrance ofthe original experienced that caused them.

Over time we begin to operate based on what is in our emotionalstorage bin. If we have a healthy emotional body, then we willbe able to respond to situations based on what is happening RIGHTNOW.

However, if our emotional storage contains emotions that are unhealedand negative, then our responses will be based on our responsesto past experiences.

Think about a time when someone did something that made you remember a similar situation that happened previously. Oftentimes, there will even be a wave of emotion that will comeacross you as you remember the past event.

And before you know it, you are now responding to the presentsituation not based on what is going on NOW but based on whatwhen on long ago.

Why is any of this important? Essentially, what the Goddess teachesus is that our Goddess nature is one of peace. This peace isalways present if we choose to walk in its energy.

Whenever we find ourselves in any other place besides peace thenwe are in need of healing.

Because emotions are feelings that we all experience on a regular basis, the emotional body is a great place to start seeking information as well as determining where to begin healing so that you can stay in your Goddess centered place of peace.

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