Feeling Lost? Need a Road Map? Divination is Your Way Back to the Goddess!

I am grateful for the gift of divination because I love helping people on their paths to self-realization and self-mastery. ~Iya Omilade

Those who conquer the enemy within have nothing to fear from the enemy without...divination is rooted in the idea of conquering the enemy within.

From Inner Peace by Awo Falokun Fatunmbi

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One of the greatest gifts bestowed upon me by the Great Mother is that of Divination.

According to Random House Dictionary, divination is the practice of attempting to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge by occult or supernatural means; augury; prophecy; perception by intuition; or instinctive foresight.

I have come to learn that divination is a way of gaining wisdom to help us make decisions on what actions to take as well as the lessons that we are to learn in this lifetime.

Divination provides a road map. This is not the same as fortune telling. Divination does not advise on what you SHOULD do; it simply tells you how you will most likely fare IF you follow the guidance of the oracle.

Oracle....an oracle is medium that is used in order to consult the higher wisdom of our enlightened ancestors, the Divinities and other energies that provide guidance to those of us in this physical realm.

The truth is that all we need to know lies within us. However, because we get so caught up in our Earthly dramas, we cannot always hear the guidance that is given to us.

As a result, we consult the oracles in order to determine the best course of action to take.

So an oracle can be a set of cards, cowrie shells, pennies or even a person. There is really an infinite number of ways to consult the oracles that have been used for many millenia.

I have been gifted with Divination through my ability to interpret oracles in the form of cards as well as my own inner oracle.

How do readings pertain to the Goddess?

During times when the Goddess was acknowledged, revered and honored on a larger scale, it was her priestesses, women who served as the oracles, the voices of the Goddess, who spoke to the people when wisdom was needed.

It is the oracles of the Goddess that will continue to effect healing in our personal lives, communities and the Universe.

But in just about every spiritual tradition, oracles have been used. You find Divination clearly in the Bible, Torah, Hinduism, Ancient Egypt and all other African Traditional spiritual systems just to name a few.

Common tools used to divine were cowrie shells, ruins, pendulums and the woman's own inner oracle.

Why use divination?

When I was first introduced to divination in a nonjudgmental and positive manner, I truly had to suspend what had been taught to me about getting spiritual readings.

For so long I thought that getting spiritual readings was wrong.

However, what I came to realize is that our ancient ancestors needed a way to clearly communicate with the Goddess, higher divinities and transitioned ancestors.

Thus I came to realize that oracles were essentially a form of communication with my higher self and the non-physical guides who seek to assist us in our journey through life in the physical.

What was said to me by my Godfather, Koleoso, is that the oracles do not lie. That really impressed me. I was impressed because what I gathered from that statement is that this was not some "new agey-airy-farie-pull-something-anything out of the clouds" type thing.

He helped me to realize that there was evidence to be seen or experienced after a reading.

What he told us was to divine and write down the answer the oracle gave to every question that we asked of it and that we would see that the oracle is accurate and valid.

So I did just that. My first experience in using Divination was using cowerie shells to consult my Ancestors of light. These are the Ancestors who lived lives of honor and work to be beacons of light now that they are back in the non- physical realm.

Overtime I could see that no matter what I did, the guidance that my Ancestors gave to me was right on point.

Sometime later I began to use my Metu Neter oracle cards. This is an oracle based on the spiritual system of the Ancient Egyptians/Kemetians.

Initially, I had no idea what I was doing. I felt very insecure about whether or not I was doing the readings correctly and even more insecure about what I thought the oracle was saying. But I wrote down every reading.

Over time I began to see how on point the oracle was even when I was not clear in what the oracle was saying. So many times I would do the reading, not understand what it was saying but I would decide to watch how the situation unfolded.

Without fail I could see exactly what the oracle was saying. As a result, I have moved to a place where I trust the oracle implicitly.

I have come to learn that if I don't want to really know what will come out through divination, then I don't ask. I never ask questions to which I already know the answer and I never ask the oracle if I should do something that would cause me to violate a spiritual law.

Why am I saying all of this to you?

I knew you would ask me that! I say this because when you do your own readings or if you get a reading from a competent Diviner, then it is important to trust those readings and act accordingly.

Again, the reason that we get spiritual readings is because we are not able to clearly hear our own inner guidance.

So in trusting divination, you do not have anything to lose. You actually have a lot to gain, such as clarity and avoiding situations that will land you in a place that you do not desire.

Again, we come here to re-member...to put the pieces of ourselves back together so that we can live the ultimate truth that we are Goddess-stuff, truly Divine beings, who are having a physical experience.

Divination is a sure fire way in assisting us with moving into this re-memberance with grace and ease.

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