2019 Community Divination

It came to me one day that divining on behalf of the Goddess-Body-Mind-Spirit.com (GBMS) community is in order. So here is the reading that will largely dictate the focus of Goddess-Body-Mind-Spirit.com for 201. This year I made a video to share the reading and shared it first in my Inner Circle in Patreon. See it below. May the wisdom for the year assist and inspire you on your way to Self-Mastery and Self-Realization. 


Click here to read a note on using the Calendar vs Cycles. It may help you not be so tied to calendar. There are options for how we flow through life and we can use cycles. Just something to consider.

This is the broad reading for the year. I will post more writings and videos to help us throughout the year. I have left up 2017 readings because they truly have timeless wisdom.

I encourage you to visit and re-visit this page often to remind yourself of the lessons that lie ahead.

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Goddess Guru Channel. Don't forget that I am happy to provide for you your own personal 2019 or 2020 Divination.

I thank you for taking time to watch the videos and I encourage you to take something from the message of the Oracle and use it to improve your life, to master your self and to realize who you are.

Adupe. Thank you!) Namaste. Sat Nam. Ashe!