Make your Space Sacred! Clear the Clutter and connect with the Goddess in YOU!

Clearing clutter is one of the first steps that you can take to creating sacred space in your home. This is oftentimes one of the greatest challenges that a person can experience.

But energetically speaking clutter creates blockages. On the metaphysical level this world, both seen and unseen, is one big energy field. As a result, our physical world is a reflection of what is going on inside of us and also affects how we operate.

So when your home is full of paper, has lots items that you are not using or nothing is being put where it belongs, then in some way something in your life is out of balance. Your outer world is reflecting a need for you to take time to pull the inner you together or release body clutter such as emotions, extra weight or limiting thoughts.

My mother, Goddess rest her soul, was known for being very neat and tidy. She was definitely not obssesive but she loved a clean home and she loved cleaning her home.

In SO many ways I am like my mother. HOWEVER, this is one area that I obviously missed this gene of hers: the clean gene!

So I have had to learn how to appreciate cleaning and especially decluttering. I have had to do this in order to create my special prayer and meditation areas as well as my sacred spaces for my Great Mother and Ancestral altars.

This page contains wisdom that can help you move past the clutter in order to create the sacred energy in your home that you desire.

"Where do I start?"

To clear our energetic space we have to be willing to let go of whatever the clutter is really representing. Ask questions such as:

"Am I holding on to these papers because I am avoiding addressing this bill or an order of business because I am afraid of what will happen?"

"Is my home cluttered as a result of not being happy with my life in general?"

"Do I hold a belief that we need to keep everything in case we need it later on and that is why I have items that I have not used in months or years?"

"Is my home cluttered because I do not value it?"

"Is my life too busy for me to have time to be clutter-free?"

Really, why DO you have so much stuff in your home? Get real with yourself on this. And then the next step is to come up with a plan to resolve the issue that is causing the clutter.

So if you hold on to paperwork because you are avoiding dealing with your bills, take a class or read a book on how to manage your money. Empower yourself to know how to handle your business affairs.

What will happen is that you will free yourself to the point where you will have no need for the clutter as it is no longer reflective of the inner you.

Over time I have come to realize just how great the message of clutter is. In so many ways the clutter in my home represents a false and limiting belief.

So when I hold on to objects in case I need them even though I have not used them in 3 years, this behavior is reflecting my limiting belief that there is not enough. It is also reflecting my need to release attachments to things, people, situations and emotions that do not serve my highest and greatest good.

One of the keys to clearing clutter is to inject your mind with truth. In the above example, I told myself that there is more than enough and if I need the item again, the Great Mother will provide.

Again, all of this is important in creating sacred space. It is so important to keep your sacred space, especially the area where you plan to do your spiritual practices, clean and clutter-free.

I also suggest that if you have problems with keeping a beautiful home, then connect to the energy of The Goddess of Creation. She likes beauty and that includes a beautiful environment. Just call on her by whatever name you desire: Osun, Hathor, Sarasvati, Venus, Het Heru or Haniel.

Call on her to assist you with creating a home that reflects the inner beauty that is you. It is more about allowing her energy to move you more than anything else.

Osun's energy is greatest during the waxing moon, the time from the new moon to the full moon. Connecting with her energy can be as simple as saying, "Osun, HELP!" or you can even sit and meditate in your home or at a body of water.

Be sure to visit her space in this web sanctuary to learn more about how to tap into Her energy within you.

Sometimes we need to call on the Goddess of Transformation! Again, I call her Oya! But you can call her Sekhmet, Kali Ma, Pele or Jophiel. This is the Goddess who says to release that which is not in your highest and greatest good. Relase any blockages including clutter that keep you stuck thereby preventing you from moving foward.

It is most auspicious to work with the energy of Oya during the waning moon cycle. This is a great time to allow her energy to guide you on what to release so that you can clear the energy of your home and recharge it with the sweetness of Osun.

The message of clutter runs deeply. Click here to learn more about the metaphysical approach to clearing clutter!

After clearing the clutter, build your altar!

Your home IS an Ashram! Learn more here!