Clutter: A Message from Your Inner Goddess to You!

Clearing clutter opens the way to abundance!"

Clearing your energetic space including items that may be neatly put away but never used is a sure fire way to open the way for more abundance in your life. Maybe clutter in your bedroom represents a blockage in your love life. If you hold onto pictures of your former lover in your life for whom you still have some sort of attachment, that may be the reason why you have not yet found another love interest in a long time.

You may wonder why you are not more abundant in your finances. If you hold on to items because in some way you believe there is not enough or there is some thought of lack behind it, then this may cause a blockage in you experiencing more financial prosperity.

When we clear our physical space we create room for more and new things to come into our lives.

As Above So Below

The physical realm is the last level of manifestation. So if there is clutter on the outside, it is reflective of clutter on the inside. The key is to determine what is this clutter representing on the inside.

If your bedroom is usually the area that is in disarray, then there may be a private place within yourself that needs clearing. Given that most people are not allowed in our bedrooms because they are so private, this may be a place within you that you share with very few people.

For instance, it may be the place where your true emotions reside. Some people rarely allow the world to see them in an emotional state. Clutter in the privacy of your bedroom may reflect the blockage in this private area of your emotions. It may be that there are backed up emotions that need releasing. As you release these emotions, there will be no need for clutter in your bedroom.

Clutter in the bathroom may reflect a need for you to go with the flow of life more.

If your living room is the source of disorder, since this is the room that is most often visited it may reflect a life that is too busy or has too many other people in it. It may reflect a need to decrease the amount of stimulation that you are getting.

It is very important for you to correlate what room or the type of clutter represents which aspect of your soul is in need of purification. The same chaos in one person's house could mean something totally different in another person's house.

For example, my desk is a prime place for clutter. As I think about what my desk reflects in terms of an aspect of my soul, it represents my inner workspace, the place within that I go to in order to connect with my Inner Goddess.

When I don't visit this place enough because I am too busy doing for others or engaged very heavily in family life, then essentially it becomes blocked by this busy-ness.

Often times I will hear myself say, " I am too busy. I have not properly prayed and meditated in days." Sure enough, my personal desk will usually have all sorts of objects and paper that are not in their place. But this is just me. The same desk in a different home could easily represent another place in your soul.

Don't limit your search for areas that need cleansing!

It is important to look for clutter in all areas of your life such as in your car, the attic, your body and your mind. If your home usually stays clear but there is one room or one drawer that is in disarray, then there may be a need to analyze these small spaces, too.

Why is clearing clutter so important? Because essentially, our goal is to fully experience the Goddess in all that we do, say and feel. Clutter on the inside equates to a blockage and a blockage equates to an inability to experience the Goddess on all levels of our being: body, mind and spirit.

Clutter...a message from The Great Mother!

See clutter is the way your Universe, your Higher Self, your Inner Goddess speaks to you.

It is important to not judge your clutter because that will keep you stuck. See it merely as a message from your Soul to you, from the Goddess to you, that you are in need of getting quiet and balanced.

Something that I have learned that clutter represents is my lack of being present in the now. I remember when I first decided to be more mindful in keeping my sacred space clear. I could not believe how often I would walk past something that was out of place. More often than not, I did not even see it because I was busy talking about the past or the future in my head. Once I made a conscious effort to stay present in the moment, I began to notice items that were out of place or when I was holding on to stuff that I knew I had no intention of using.

Where do we begin? The inner or the outer?

Do we clear clutter in our physical space first and then the inner blockages? Or do we begin with the neccessary inner work and allow the outer chaos to fall away as a result? What matters most is intent. Sometimes I will realize that I can no longer stand the clutter and clearing it will help something within me become organized.

However, usually, I will spend time praying, meditating, reading inspired works and listening to spiritual masters to determine how to move past my inner blockage. Normally once I do that and actually move past the blockage, I will be super charged to clear the clutter in my home.

Another really effective method is some combination of the previous two approaches to clearing clutter. You know how sometimes you will have something eating away at you and you will decide to get up and clean. As you clean and clear your space you are simultaneously doing the same within yourself.

I cannot tell you how often I have decided to go ahead and get up and knock out a messy space in my home. As I am doing so I intentionally process an issue that is going on with me. I will usually call on which ever energy of The Great Mother that I need to assist me with the problem.

If I need to release something such as a fear, then I will call on Oya. If I am seeking to replace a false belief with truth then I will call on Maat. If I am in need of forgiving myself or someone else, then I will call on Yemonja/Auset.

I can't tell you how many times I have had major ah-ha moments while cleaning and I stopped and ran to my journal to write them down. All of this is because clearing the space on my outside is allowing me to do the same on the inside simultaneously.

HOWEVER, how you do it is all up to you. The point is that you actually do the work.

You have an inner organization.

There is an inner organization that has been designed on the Higher Spiritual level. In our souls there is an organization. Because of conditioning, hurts and life in general, our inner organiztion can be completely thrown off. Some of us spend way too much time organizing our outer lives because on the inside, we are falling into bits and pieces. However, there are a large number of incarnated Goddesses who are falling apart on the inside and their outer world will reflect this. Their homes are a wreck and they are just making it on a day to day basis.

So really looking at this clutter issue will assist you in determining where the inner organization of your soul has been thrown off so that you can move back to the original alignment of your soul with that of the Goddess.

As you clear the your energetic space then you clear the way for you to set up an altar where you will do your spiritual work. The outer altar represents the inner altar of your soul. At the very least, the room in which you house your altar should be clutter free, thereby reflecting a space within you that is free of clutter and open for you to visit in order to do the work that is necessary for your spiritual growth and development.

So once you clear the clutter, it is now time to set up your sacred space in your home where you will connect with the Goddess in you!

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