Cleanse Your Body! Clear Your Soul!

Cleanse NOW!

Cleansing my body temple has proven to be one of the most important actions that I can take to connect with the energy of The Great Mother within me.

There is just something about a clean body that makes my ability to access clear guidance from the Divine Feminine just that much more acute.

There are many ways that I use to keep my body temple clear and clean.

First, I drink lots of water. Of course water is one of the major elements of Goddessenergy. When I drink lots of water, my body operates more efficiently and I access my intuition with greater ease.

Second, I eat a clean diet and as lightly as possible. I am one who believes that the way one eats is as individual as each person themselves. However, I am finding that when I eat raw to lightly cooked food and decrease or eliminate the amount of meat that I eat, I feel incredible and I am more open to recognizing the messages that the Great Mother is giving to me at all times.

Lastly, I do an herbal cleanse (click here to learn more about my favorite cleansing system) to clear my body temple. ***N.B. Please read my recommendations for which herbal formulation is best for you!!!!!****

I remember when I first started doing these types of cleanings, I thought I had found heaven. There is nothing like creating a cleaner body. This cleanse is like doing a lube, oil and filter change for your car. It makes me feel so wonderful!

The truth is that most people have very toxic colons which leads to a toxic body which leads to certain diseases. A toxic colon also equates to blockages in more deeply communicating with one's inner guidance.

So using herbs and probiotics to create a friendly environment in the colon is one of the best things that Goddesses can do to confer health and a deeper relationship with the Great Mother.

Seek to clean your body today! Drink well. Eat well. Cleanse well.

Energy Surrounding this Information: Auset+, Herukhuti Hetep

*****This cleanse comes with two different fiber drinks: citrus and peaches and cream. The peaches and cream formulation has mostly soluble fiber and primarily cleanses your major organs such as the liver and kidneys. This formulation is great for detoxing the blood. For people taking high doses of medications or have high toxicity, this is a great formula.

The citrus fiber drink uses insoluble fiber which acts like a broom sweeping away the stuck on waste thereby cleansing the intestines. If you suffer from constipation, this may be the best way to start. It is important that you drink lots of water. Fiber, especially insoluble fiber, cannot move out of the colon without water to bulk it up.

Also, please know this is a gentle cleanse. Eat healthy, DRINK LOTS OF WATER and know that you will make it to the bathroom everytime!!!!!*****

There is more to come on the physical body! Until them Go Home to the Great Mother!