The Ancestors Have Spoken

When I was in the early stages of learning in my network marketing company, I once heard:

"You have to have a big enough WHY. If your WHY is big enough, you will keep going when times get tough."

I thought about this wisdom as I pondered this morning:

  • WHY do I get up every morning?
  • Why do I continue to live each day?
  • Why do I even try to do anything of value or that is worth while?
  • I have lived in mediocrity for a while now and I tell you, mediocrity is so much easier than moving against this inertia into action.

    I tuned into my Ori, my higher self, and into the wisdom of the Egungun, the Ancestors. I heard,

    "Do you think that we lived and went through all of that hell for you to sit on your butt!? Do you think that we endured the slave experience for you to come here and not do something with the legacy of greatness from which you come? Will you honor us with laziness and lack thinking or will you honor us with the liberation of minds and self-realization of souls?

    Shoots! That is my why. I felt charged and pumped and SURE of the work that I am to do today and everyday. My why is that I must pass on the wisdom that got my ancestors through their trials and tribulations.

    It is this very wisdom that is causing me to stand up instead of laying down.

    It is this wisdom that is causing me to love instead of hate.

    It is this wisdom that I MUST Share because I know that we all have come here to be infiltrate this space time continuum with great works.

    Below is a message that came to me from the Ancestors in February, 2008. I share my story hoping that you will uncover you own.

    Before you it read let me ask you: what IS your why? You need it big enough to keep living, to keep dreaming, to keep manifesting. Are you here to pick up a legacy of greatness or to transform one that has heretofore been negative?

    You have a seed of purpose and potential planted inside of you. And your divine directive is to nuture and water it so that you can bloom and blossom into your full potential.

    Message from the Ancestors begins here:

    This morning I pondered the following quote on Abundance:

    "My consciousness of the Spirit within me as my unlimited Source is the Divine Power to restore the years the locusts have eaten, to make all things new, to lift me up to the High Road of abundant prosperity. This awareness, understanding and knowledge of Spirit appears as every visible form and experience that I could possibly desire."

    At some point in my pondering I begin to hear the voice of the Ancestors emerge. They told me that so many of us have it wrong. We focus on the horrors of slavery. We moan and groan and get mad that they, The Ancestors, were enslaved. We cry whoa is me as a people as a whole about what is going on today constantly going back to what happened during slavery.

    What The Ancestors say is that they were not actually slaves. They were in a slave situation but they were NOT slaves.

    What they most want us to focus on is the fact that they were powerful beings in order to make it through slavery.

    The fact that they survived and good works came through them is what we are to focus on.

    We do have to remember what happened as a whole, the good and the bad, so we don't ever go back to that place again. However, they say that so many of us have it wrong.

    What they most want us to take away is that they had good character.

    They say most of us would not make it through slavery because we don't have good character. It was their Iwa Pele that MOST shines in that situation.

    They say that we have the audacity to WASTE our lives doing nothing or crying the blues after all they did to make it through slavery.

    They say HONOR their lives with GOOD WORKS!!!!!! Continue the legacy of Iwa Pele. Be of good character and DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!

    God/The Great Mother is faithful to complete the good work started in you. They ask what is that good work?

    They say that they started it so we must finish it. They say that they are not mad at white people. They have no time for that. What they are disgusted with is the fact that there is a festering wound in the consciousness of Black people as a whole that is linked to anger and disenfranchisement.

    There is a need for Black consciousness to be restored to its rightful place of honor, good character and abundance...pure potentiality, wisdom. A healing is needed to get us unstuck and living life like it is golden.

    The Ancestors have spoken to me this morning. The one legacy that I KNOW that I desire to leave is one of a good example of good character, Iwa Pele.

    And if I seek to be of good character in all things, the good work of the Great Mother will naturally emerge.

    I continue to heal my consciousness. I continue to step into full spiritual liberation. I continue to realize my Self.

    May the Egungun/Ancestors continue to cheer us on...even when it feels like they are kicking us in the butt!

    Phoenix Rising,


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