Connect With Your Inner Goddess at Your Altar!

When I was first introduced to the idea of setting up an altar in my home, it almost seemed sacrilegious. I had only known of them being in churches and in many of the churches that I had attended, you could only be of the priesthood to to stand on it.

However, as I began to expand myself spiritually, I began to realize the beauty of having an altar in my home. It was a sacred place to which I could retreat when I needed time to gather myself or when I felt I had no one in which to talk.

My first one was my ancestral altar. It was simple: a white cloth covering the table on which it set, a glass of water and a white candle.

The part of me that had been conditioned by the world told me that I was wrong, that ancestral reverence was somehow in conflict with worshiping the one true God.

BUT, there was the part of me that was so lonely and missing my deceased mother. There was a part of me that was lost and confused and felt that I had nothing to lose by setting up a place in which to honor those ancestors who came before me, who lived so that I might live.

So I began to sit at my altar. I would talk with my mother and there were many times I would cry because I needed a safe place in which to do so.

The time in this space became sacred, special and necessary. I began to go to it even when nothing was wrong. I simply felt good to do so. And over time I realized that my home would never again be without an Ancestral altar at the very least.

This section of this Web Sanctuary addresses creating a special place or places in your home specifically designed to help you connect with your inner most self, The Great Mother Goddess and to do your spiritual work.

Why Do I Need An Altar?

Quite honestly, I see the altars that I set up in my home as extensions of myself. Sitting in my physical shrine allows me to more fully experience my inner altar, to fully experience aspects of myself that I may miss because of the busy-ness of my life.

Creating this type of sacred space in my home provides a safe haven for me to commune with my Inner Goddess as well as the Great Mother. My altars assist me in creating the sacredness and reverence that I desire in my personal ashram, my home.

So what is my answer to why does anyone need an altar in their home? Quite frankly it is because we come here to remember that we are Divine Beings. Having this special space in your home allows you to do so at anytime you wish. They help remind us of the sacredness of the space in which we live and and the sacredness that each of is.

Most importantly, altars serve as a portal between those of us in the physical and those energies such as ancestors, angels and guides that are in nonphysical form.

They serve as a gateway to the deepest Truth that we possess: That we are Goddesses in the physcial form. Sitting in your sacred space allows you to more easily experience this truth on a deeper level.

Another excellent use of altars is to do your spiritual work. I do spiritual readings. I pray and meditate. I also do spiritual journaling. All of these activities take place in front of my altar. And the more I use this sacred space the more powerful it becomes energetically. People see my shrines and are attracted to them because they feel the beautiful energy radiating from them.

Once my brother visited me. There was money sitting on my ancestral altar. He picked up the money out of curiosity and said that he could feel our ancestors fussing at him. He told them that he meant no harm and put the money back.

You know how sometimes you think that what you are feeling is in your mind? I felt the power of my altar because I used it often. But I did not know if others could feel the power, too. When my brother told me the story, it was finally confirmed for me just how powerful this sacred space can be. The key is that we need to use the space regularly.

Where Do I Begin Creating My Altar?

You begin with intent. What do you intend to do in this sacred space? There are many options but your inner guidance is your best guide.

There are some altars that are foundational to me: One honor of my Ancestors and the other in honor of The Great Mother.

I have come to learn that we can create an altar to serve any purpose that we desire. Here are a few that I learned about in Altars by Denise Linn:

If you desire more creativity, you can create sacred space to assist you with experiencing more creativity in your life.

If you desire love or romance, you can create an altar to increase the flow of both.

How about a career or manifestation or family altar?

There are so many options. It all depends on what you feel led to set up in your home.

I know many people who have altars set up to specific deities. So if you want to connect with the energy of the Goddess of Creation and Beauty, you can resurrect an altar in her honor.

What if you desire to have children or you are already a mother? What if you have never had a nurturing maternal relationship in your life and you want that? You can set up an altar in honor of the Goddess of Motherhood in order to experience her energy more fully in your life.

So get clear about what you desire. Allow your inner guide to help you sense the purpose of your sacred space. Once you are clear then it it is time to create the altar!

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