Unveil the Goddess in YOU!

Who is the Goddess? SHE IS YOU!

If you look in the mirror right now, you will see Her.

And what we as modern women are being called to do is get in touch with this inner Essence of ourselves to create lives that reflect our deepest and truest desires.

What can the Divine Feminine do for you?

Using Goddess wisdom will assist you in connecting the different parts of yourself so that they create a whole woman who is able to move through her life with grace and ease.

The Wisdom of the Divine Feminine can assist you with tapping into your infinite potential to create a blissful life that includes peace, love, joy and abundance.

This portal of information about the Great Mother will provide what you need to begin or continue your journey to the whole you! Use the information, prayers and rituals in your own life and watch how your life will transform in amazing ways!

The truth of the matter is that I am really a modern woman who has gotten caught up in the ways of our most ancient women ancestors. The question for me became: how do I apply what women from many generations ago used to live their lives in an era that seems completely different?

How do I create health in my body, mind and spirit?

How do I go about raising children who will be equipped to rise to their highest and greatest good?

What do I need in order to have happy and healthy relationships?

Heck, what do I need to do to just be happy with ME?

Despite all of my educational and professional accolades, I have slowly but surely come to realize that the women of old laid a foundation upon which we can all build and continue to create lives and communities that yield peace, love, prosperity and joy. More and more I feel myself moving in the direction of remembering what my mother, grandmother, heck even Eve did during their lifetimes to express the fullness of the Goddess.

All of the technology and the fast paced lives that many of us live are doing very little to help me connect with my inner most peace and joy.

The Divine Feminine....This is the energy that connects me to the work, the foundation, that was laid many generations ago by women who probably never attended a prestigious university or lived in mansions overlooking the ocean.

But it is these women who speak to me today....

They say that it was the Great Mother in all of her forms that taught them how to be women and how create balance within their lives. They heard Her voice in the whisperings of the wind. They experienced Her purifying qualities by washing in the ocean. They felt Her grounding qualities as they enjoyed taking steps upon Her earth element.

In connecting with the Great Mother in Nature they were able to connect with the Great Mother, the Goddess, the Great Mother within themselves.

Many modern women have not had the opportunity to remember......

And so we call upon the ageless wisdom of Osun, Yemonja, Oya, Sarasvati, Lakshmi, Kwan Yin, Durga, Kali Ma, Het Heru, Hathor, Auset, Isis, Sekmet, Haniel, Jophiel, Ariel, Gabriel, Pele, Mother Mary to assist us with being all that we can and desire to be in our body, mind and spirit!

We call on the wisdom within ourselves that we may not yet re-member....

Unveil the Goddess in YOU! Learn more about who She is and how to apply Her energy to your life!